Our Food

Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Food

XACO TACO food is made fresh daily, in-house, by our Executive Chef. The great taste our customers rave about starts with great ingredients.

Locally Sourced

We use food products and ingredients that are locally sourced and inspected to be fresh and of the highest grade available.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free

Our chefs have developed delicious base recipes that are vegan for all vegetable and tofu items we offer. We have also been careful to use Gluten Free options whenever available and have developed ways to ensure that all items are flavourful.

Healthy Options

  • We are committed to helping people lead healthy lifestyles and have invested significant resources to develop in-house recipes that deliver on this promise. It starts with sourcing fresh ingredients and ends with fantastic, flavourful menu items for customers. Our daily commitment to continually deliver on high quality, delicious healthy food is what makes XACO TACO special.
  • Gluten-Free Friendly – 99% of all items on our menu are Gluten Free! Including our tortilla shells and tortilla chips.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly – We take special care to ensure that all base ingredients used to cook and prepare our food are in vegan friendly. That means all items that can be vegan, are vegan.